Advantages of Sunless Tanners vs Traditional Tanning

Advantages of Sunless Tanners vs Traditional Tanning

Everybody wants a stunning sun-kissed glow, but is it worth the risk of sun exposure and hours tanning out in the sun? Today, there are better ways of getting that perfect tan than exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. Our sunless tanners are safe, natural, and packed with beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid for your delicate skin. Here are the advantages of our sunless tanner compared to traditional tanning.

Advantages of Sunless Tanners

Don’t Put Yourself At Risk of Skin Cancer

Exposing your skin to harmful UV rays can increase your skin cancer risk tremendously. Instead of tanning out in the sun, reduce your skin cancer risk by staying indoors and simply using our organic sunless tanners. 

No Early Aging

Exposing your skin to UV rays can also cause significant aging. Frequent and intense sun exposure can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation, all of which are the opposite of healthy, youthful skin. Tanning in the sun can also reduce your skin’s elasticity, leading to sagging skin. In contrast, our sunless tanner contains Hyaluronic Acid, which has anti-aging and moisturizing benefits for your skin. What better way to get a healthy glow and tan while also giving your skin plenty of nutrients for a healthy boost?

Easy to Apply

Using our sunless tanner is easy. Just exfoliate your skin before using it, apply just a thin layer evenly and wait for the lotion to absorb into your skin. You won’t need to spend hours or even days under the hot sun to achieve the tan you want. All you have to do is use our sunless tanner just like how you would apply a lotion. 


Traditional tanning is often affected by the weather. After all, you can only get the tan you want on a hot, sunny day, and that’s if it’s not too windy or there’s no impending rain. During the colder seasons, you’re less likely to want to dress down to get a tan when it’s cold. With sunless tanners, you are able to get your perfect tan right in the comfort of your own home. The convenience of getting a tan as and when you’d like without considering the weather or stepping out your door is unparalleled.

Get an Even Tan

Traditional tanning is notorious for giving an uneven tan along with unsightly tan lines. Alternatively, sunless tanners give you a balanced coverage with no streaks. Sunless tanners are also well-loved for giving a flawless and natural glow. Gone are the days when you might end up too orange or burnt.

Great for All Skin Tones

People with extremely fair skin usually hesitate to get a tan as they’re worried about ending up with an unnatural tan. With our sunless tanner, you can achieve a natural and even tan, no matter your skin tone. 


There’s a much better and safer way of achieving the perfect tan without risking your health. Our sunless tanner is not only safe but convenient and has great benefits for your skin. Have a look at our sunless tanner today for better, healthier skin and give traditional tanning a miss!

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