How Long Do Sunless Tanners Typically Last Once Applied?

How Long Do Sunless Tanners Typically Last Once Applied?

The best sunless tanners are an effective way to give your skin that sun-kissed glow without exposing yourself to harmful UV lights or radiation. However, unlike a sun tan, sunless tanners won’t stick around for as long, and many people find themselves wondering how long they can wait before it’s time to reapply their tanner.

How Long Do Sunless Tanners Typically Last Once Applied?

Every sunless tanner is different, but you can expect our sunless tanner to last 4 to 7 days. This is because the tan is only on the topmost layers of your skin, and once these skin cells die, they’ll be rubbed away during your next shower or swim.

If you don’t want your disappearing tan to show, you’ll need to plan ahead and regularly apply the sunless tanner. If you don’t, people may notice when your tan starts to fade and as matches of your tan start to rub off.

How to Make It Last Longer

Almost everyone who uses sunless tanners has the same question: How can I make it last longer? There are a few tricks you can try to get the most out of your sunless tanner:

  1. Exfoliate Before Using It

When you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin cells that are on the uppermost layer of your skin. This is the same layer of skin that your sunless tanner tans. By exfoliating before you apply the tanner, you can ensure that you’re only tanning new, living skin cells rather than dead ones.

  1. Apply It to Clean, Dry Skin

Sunless tanners won’t adhere to your skin as well if it’s moist or dirty. To get the most out of your sunless tanner, apply it after a shower and once you’re fully dry.

  1. Follow the Instructions Closely

Every sunless tanner will have different instructions, so be sure to read what’s on the back of it. Some tanners may only need to sit for 10-15 minutes, while others will ask you to leave it on for an hour or even overnight. Following these instructions will increase the odds of your tanner lasting longer and make sure that you get a nice, even tan.

  1. Use Circular Motions to Blend It

This doesn’t necessarily increase the amount of time your tan will last, but it will help ensure that the tan you do get is even and smooth. Instead of rubbing back and forth when you apply the tanner, use circular motions to blend it evenly across your skin. You’ll want to work in sections and start with a small amount to avoid covering the same area twice or leaving behind streaks.

  1. Avoid Strenuous Physical Activity

After you apply your tanner, avoid any activity that will make you sweat. You need time for the tanner to set in, and if you sweat it out an hour or two later, it won’t be able to do its job. You should also avoid saunas and steam rooms. In general, you’ll want to stay cool and dry while you give your tanner time to settle in and do its job.


Sunless tanners are a great way to protect your skin from harmful UV light while still achieving that summer, sun-kissed look. Following our tips and regular reapplication will help ensure you get the best results.

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