How Often Can I Apply Sunless Tanners?

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Sunless tanners are a great way to achieve that smooth, sunkissed skin without exposing yourself to harmful UV lights or the sun’s rays. Sunless tanners can also help you keep your tan throughout the whole year instead of allowing it to fade or grow pale again.

When it comes to sunless tanning products, there are a few do’s, and don’ts that you should know about to get an even tan, and one such thing is the frequency at which you can use the tanner. This, of course, depends on your self-tanning goal.

How Often Can I Apply Sunless Tanners to Maintain a Tan?

If you already have a nice tan and you want to maintain it, you won’t need to apply a sunless tanner as frequently. To maintain your current sunkissed glow, you should only need to apply the sunless tanner once a week. This will ensure your tan doesn’t fade over time but also that it doesn’t get darker than you would prefer.

Sometimes, the tan on your face may fade quicker. In this case, you can apply the sunless tanner two times a week to help maintain your face tan, but make sure you rub the tanner in smoothly, so there aren’t any tan lines.

How Often Can I Use Sunless Tanners to Build up a Tan?

If you’re new to sunless tanners or want to build up your current tan, then you will want to use your sunless tanner more frequently. Each product will have its directions and will be better able to advise you on how to build up your tan.

As a general rule, you can apply a sunless tanner every day until you reach the tan that you want. Some products may be used multiple times daily, but the specific product you buy will tell you if this isn’t safe.

Most quality sunless tanners are designed to be used every day and won’t clog your pores. They’ll be safe for your skin and can easily be smoothed out without causing any bad effects for your skin.

How Long Do Sunless Tanners Last?

This really depends on the product you buy. Many products will last anywhere from 7 to 10 days, but it will be quite clear that your tan is fading by the last day. To prevent your tan from fading or becoming obvious, it’s best to apply the tanner at least once a week and exfoliate evenly across your body. If only some areas are exfoliated, then you may see uneven coverage as the tan fades.

How to Prepare for Sunless Tanners

If you want the best results from your sunless tanner, there’s a little prep work you must do beforehand.

  1. Exfoliate

Before each application, exfoliate your entire body to remove dead or dying skin cells. This will ensure that only fresh, new skin is being tanned and will prolong your tan.

  1. Hydrate

Your skin needs to be hydrated to maintain its color. Before using the tanner, hydrate your skin with an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer on your whole body.

  1. Dry off

Your skin should not be wet when you apply the tanner, so make sure it has fully dried before you reach for the tanner. This will make sure that your skin is able to absorb as much of the tanner as possible and make a more even tan.


Sunless tanners are a great alternative to tanning beds and direct sunlight tanning. They’re much healthier for your skin and won’t cause lasting damage. As they can be used frequently and without complications, sunless tanners are a great way to achieve the perfect tan!

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