Do I Need Sunscreen For Skiing?

Do I Need Sunscreen For Skiing?

Don’t be fooled - you still need sunscreen in those chilly winter months!

Though it might be cold out on the slopes, the sun is actually far stronger above the cloud level than at sea level. Due to the sun reflecting off the white snow coupled with the number of hours skiers spend outdoors, the need for good sun protection is imperative.

A high factor sun cream, such as SPF 15 or 30, should be used at all times. The thinner atmosphere filters less UV radiation, so exposure is actually higher than you would experience on a beach holiday.

The wind can also be a burden on skiers’ skin and lips. Use a good lip balm such as Natural Tone’s Natural Lip Balm SPF 15 that offers sun protection and healing properties to counter the possibility of chapped and wind-burnt lips.

Finally, after a long day on the slopes, remember to reward your skin with a good moisturizer. Our Rosehip Aloe lotion combines the healing properties of the Aloe Cactus and Rosehip Oil that will help to soothe and moisturize your skin after a day in the cool, dry elements.

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