Toxin-Free Cleansing Routine

Toxin-Free Cleansing Routine

Sulfate-free Body Wash & Shampoo + Nutrient-Rich Conditioner – The Toxin-Free Cleansing Routine

You can take on the world. In fact, you do it every day.

But taking on the world means exposing yourself every day, too. Germs. Dirt. Grime. Sweat. Smog. It can leave you feeling downright icky.

Your shower is your moment to wash away the residue, refresh yourself, and start anew. So you can take on the world all over again.

The last thing you need is products full of unnatural chemical ingredients that pollute your body just at the moment you’re trying to cleanse it.

That’s why Natural Tone Organic Skincare makes everything you need for a toxin-free shower that will leave you renewed and recharged, without exposing you or your world to harmful ingredients.

It all begins with our sulfate-free body wash. It’s made with powerful natural and organic ingredients, so you can wash away the bad without opening yourself up to anything worse.

The gentle formula of Natural Tone Organic Skincare Sulfate-Free Body Wash protects your skin’s natural moisture, resulting in soft, hydrated skin with a light rosehips scent. In fact, it’s so gentle that you can also use it as a daily hand wash. It will cleanse away germs, dirt, and toxins without stripping your hands or leaving them all dried out.

How do we do it? Our proprietary formula leverages some of nature’s most potent ingredients.

Argan oil delivers vitamin E and other vital nutrients to nourish and protect the elasticity of your skin. Witch hazel brings a power to cleanse and calm skin that was recognized by generations of our ancestors. Aloe vera soothes and serves as a natural antiseptic.

And pomegranate, rose hip, and cranberry seed oil deliver powerful antioxidants and nutrients to moisturize and enrich your skin.

A carefully crafted blend of these same natural and organic ingredients powers our nutrient-rich shampoo, too. We’ve carefully selected and balanced each ingredient in our Natural Tone Organic Skincare Sulfate-Free Shampoo to cleanse your hair without stripping its natural oils – resulting in softer, more luminous locks.

All while keeping the formula free of sulfates and other harmful ingredients, supporting you to live a toxin-free lifestyle.

To finish, our lightweight Natural Tone Organic Skincare Nutrient-Rich Conditioner hydrates and infuses your hair with natural emollients and nutrients, without weighing it down.

The formula blends argan oil, aloe vera, and rose hip oil with shea butter and vegetable glycerin to deliver lasting hydration directly into your hair shafts. We chose shea butter because it’s a veritable superfood for your hair, providing a natural source of essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins E and D, provitamin A, and allantoin.

All these components make shea butter an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, deep moisturizer and strengthener, UV protector, and collagen builder, all rolled into one. Wow!

Our conditioner is designed to absorb deeply into each hair shaft, so it will naturally moisturize them without causing unpleasant buildup. The goal is to support your hair’s natural strength, so it’s left feeling soft and silky smooth, yet still bouncy and non-greasy.

What’s more, all three of the products we’ve mentioned above have a gentle footprint on the Earth – allowing you to serve as a force for good, not one more source of contamination washing down your drain into our oceans and planet.

So go ahead. Indulge in a toxin-free shower and wash the world out of your hair.

And then get back out in it.

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